The Easy Homeschool Portfolio

If you haven’t already read it, check out my earlier blog post, How I Got Organized for the New Homeschool Year.

I began by gathering everything I would need to create my son’s second grade portfolio: A two-inch binder, dividers with tabs, sheet protectors (I used 85), a glue runner, a pen, relevant pictures from the year, printouts of grades from any online programs completed during the year, and all of the work that my son completed throughout the year.  *If you’re using the file box system with lesson plans, simply pull the work that you want to use.*  Then, I arranged all of the work into 5 piles: Math, Reading, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies.  I also used my computer and printer.

Portfolio Supplies

Next, I created several pages in a Microsoft Word document and printed them.

  • Curriculum List
  • Field Trips and Extracurricular Activities List
  • Educational Games List
  • Educational Films and Programs List
  • Reading Lists for each subject
  • Cover Sheet for binder
  • Short summaries of the year for each subject

I labeled 5 dividers (Math, Reading, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies) and placed them in the binder.  Then, I put 15 (16 for Language Arts) sheet protector pages after each divider.  I always fill the page protectors on both sides, so that 2 pages (or the front and back of a double-sided page) show in one sheet.  I placed the curriculum list, field trips and extracurricular activities list, educational games list, and educational films and programs list into sheet protectors and put them in the very front of the binder.  I also placed the summaries, reading lists, and printouts of grades into sheet protector pages and put them in the fronts of their sections.

I went through each stack of work (except Language Arts), one subject at a time, choosing 10 samples each from the beginning, middle, and end of the year.  It’s a great way to display the progress that your child has made.  I then filled the page protectors appropriately in those subject’s sections.

I divided the Language Arts stack of work to make 4 separate stacks: Grammar, Spelling, Handwriting, and Writing.  I selected 8 pages from each of those subcategories (again from the beginning, middle, and end of the year) and placed them into the page protectors.  There are 4 page protectors for each Language Arts subcategory.

I then added some great pictures from throughout the year.  Displaying art projects, science experiments, and hands-on work through pictures is a wonderful way to show the reviewer things that you cannot fit into a portfolio.  I glued the photos to white paper, labeled them, and put them into protectors as well.  Then, I placed them into the binder, wherever they seemed appropriate.

Finally, I slid the cover sheet into the front window of the binder and I was finished!  I like to include a picture of my son on the cover page.  I intend to keep his portfolios and the cover pictures will create a nice timeline effect.


Feel free to comment with questions below!


4 thoughts on “The Easy Homeschool Portfolio

    • Yes, for most, the reading section of a portfolio will be a book list. One might also include book reports, literature unit study work, and reading comprehension assignments.

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